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Solar is Hot

The world has become so dependent on fossil fuels that no modern culture could survive without the limitless number of consumer goods that are made from fossil fuels.  Everything from fuel for automobiles, airlines, the trucking industry; products for businesses, hospitals and other institutions;  household goods, space exploration, agriculture, fishing, clothing, science and industry all… Continue Reading

Solar Bill of Rights

We declare these rights not on behalf of our companies, but on behalf of our customers and our country.  We seek no more than the freedom to compete on equal terms and no more than the liberty for consumers to choose the energy source they think best. 1. Americans have the right to put solar… Continue Reading

Why it Now Pays to Invest in Solar Energy

Using the sun for energy has been around for centuries. The ancient Romans and Greeks used passive solar energy when they built their homes.  The first solar powered steam engine was built by Auguste Mouchout in 1861.  Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his research on the photoelectric effect. Various advances… Continue Reading