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Solar Grid Tie Battery Backup Converted to Off Grid

Fifty solar panels make this Ranch in Oklahoma energy independent. While this Sun City Solar  project began as a Solar Grid-Tie with Battery Backup, the customer decided Solar Off-Grid was the way to go. This solar system runs the Ranch home as well as a 1,200 square foot underground shelter with kitchen, bathroom and more.… Continue Reading

Groundbreaking Solar Power

Groundbreaking Solar Power SolarEdge optimizes every link in the solar power chain. The result: production of up to 25% more  grid-ready energy for faster return on your Solar Power investment. SolarEdge benefits include:  Maximum Power Harvesting (up to 25% More Power) No partial shading sensitivity-the best for East or West facing installations No module mismatch… Continue Reading

Solar Power Components

The efficiency and quality of a solar power system  are measured by the efficiency and quality of each individual component of the system. An accurate choice of components, especially the modules and inverters is of fundamental importance for your solar power system to operate at it’s optimum performance. A Photovoltaic solar power system must be… Continue Reading