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Solar Home to Bask in Event’s Limelight

Fred Hansen’s 20 rooftop solar panels help provide electricity to his Sand Springs home, which will be featured on the 2009 National Solar Tour. ROBERT EVATT Tulsa World Staff Writer Published: 10/2/2009 Fred and Rita Hansen get plenty of power from the sun — their Sand Springs home is wired for solar electricity and sports… Continue Reading

Why it Now Pays to Invest in Solar Energy

Using the sun for energy has been around for centuries. The ancient Romans and Greeks used passive solar energy when they built their homes.  The first solar powered steam engine was built by Auguste Mouchout in 1861.  Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his research on the photoelectric effect. Various advances… Continue Reading

Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems Increase Your Bottom Line

How can businesses remain competitive in the current economy? One of the easiest ways to reduce business costs is the use of a Commercial Solar Hot Water System.  Hot water use can be a large percentage of a business’s overhead, especially for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food processes, gyms, and other organizations that are heavy users. … Continue Reading