Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems Increase Your Bottom Line

How can businesses remain competitive in the current economy? One of the easiest ways to reduce business costs is the use of a Commercial Solar Hot Water System.  Hot water use can be a large percentage of a business’s overhead, especially for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food processes, gyms, and other organizations that are heavy users.  The return on investment for commercial Solar Hot Water is maximized by the 30% solar tax credit/grant from the Federal government.  There are also benefits to maximize depreciation and other business related incentives. State and local utility credits can increase the payback substantially.  Depending on hot water use and the solar application, repayment can be in as little as a few years!

The global market becomes smaller with every innovation that improves the way we communicate with the rest of the world. The United States is known for technological innovation, but lags behind in the use of solar energy. In order for a business to remain competitive in the global market, it is important to understand the long range implications of not incorporating solar into the mainstream consciousness.  The US cannot compete with the global labor market, but can compete by incorporating technological innovation, cost control and productivity.

Sun City Solar Energy has installed commercial solar hot water and solar electric systems on health clubs, pools, pump stations, signage, oil company buildings and other commercial applications.  These businesses are enjoying cost savings, a diminished carbon footprint, tax savings, and environmental stewardship.  Why not own your own utility company, help the US compete in the global marketplace and increase your company’s bottom line?  Visit  Sun City Solar Energy today and learn how you can be part of the energy solution.

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