The Power of Distributed Solar

Distributed Solar Power

Remember when we relied on Mainframe computers with outlying workstations?  A computer could not process information on its own.  Today, we rely on small portable laptops, I-phones, I-pads and other electronic devices for information, giving us independence and mobility.

Just as smaller sized computers enable independence, the same is now true for electricity.

Distributed energy refers to small modular power generating systems. Power is “distributed” and

Solar Power Battery System
Solar Power Battery System

“decentralized” because it is placed at or near the point of energy consumption.  Distributed energy is unlike traditional “centralized” power systems where electricity is generated at a remote large scale power plant and then transmitted through power lines to consumers.

Most of us have experienced power outages and know the unreliability of our current “centralized/transmitted power structure. With distributed energy, the quality and reliability of our electric supply is improved.  Homeowners and businesses can implement distributed energy simply by installing a small solar powered on-site battery system.  Solar Power battery systems provide both emergency backup and remote power.

Generators are the most common distributed energy technology in use today for stand-by power. However, generators create significant pollution and noise. Those who used generators during the recent power outages can attest that generators all also very expensive to operate.

There are many benefits to distributed decentralized energy including having a very important role in our nation’s energy portfolio and strengthening America’s energy security.

Grid-connected distributed solar power can and is being used to meet the peak demands of current “centralized” power systems.  These systems can be used to meet traditional base load power and peak demand power in hot summer months. Grid-connected solar adds greater stability to the electric grid, decreases transmission and distribution maintenance costs and reduces the need to construct more nuclear, gas or coal fired power plants.

Solar power can provide power when and where it is needed. Distributed solar power systems are modular and flexible. Solar Power is quiet and non- polluting. Now more than ever, Americans have a choice on where their power comes from; a choice to be independent and have a reliable clean quiet source of power at their location.  Every day, one customer at a time, Sun City Solar Energy empowers Americans a little closer to decentralized energy independence.


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