Solar is Your Lucky Pot of Gold

Even if you are not Irish, St. Patrick’s Day offers the opportunity to celebrate our country’s Irish heritage.   Part of the annual tradition is to wear green to avoid getting pinched.  Many establishments offer green beverages to their patrons to celebrate the occasion.  Sun City Solar Energy would like to help you observe the festivities on March 17th by offering an incentive for you to go “green” all year long.

If you have a pool, you know how frustrating it is to wait for the water to heat up in the spring.  Why not take advantage of our $200 OFF Spring Special on a solar pool heater and let the sun extend the enjoyment and health benefits of your pool investment?  You will benefit from free energy from the sun, and have all the warm water without the cost.

Many of us are experiencing record cold temperatures this winter and are eager for spring and fun in the sun.  To help avoid the frustration of higher utility bills and enjoy the “luck of the Irish” longer, you can keep more “green” in your wallet by investing in a solar pool heater.  You can save money, help protect the environment, and maximize your pool investment with a solar heater from Sun City Solar.

Sun City wants to help keep you from being pinched by the utility companies, and keep you from being pinched for not wearing green.  Let our professionals show you the “pot of gold” in the form of free energy from the sun.  Visit one of our showrooms in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Arkansas or North Texas and we’ll give you a free St. Patrick’s Day sticker. Take advantage of our Solar Pool Heater Spring Special today!   Call 866-407-0527 or visit SunCityEnergy.com.

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