Hop into Spring and Celebrate Earth Day with a Solar Energy System

Spring is the time for Easter and new beginnings.  The long winter is over, flowers are in bloom and there is a feeling of renewal in the air.  We all hope the Easter Bunny will come out of his rabbit hole and see his shadow, meaning we will not have any more days below 45 degrees.   OK, so perhaps I’m exchanging one rodent for another, but I’d much rather see a cute bunny pop out of his winter lair than a groundhog.  And I don’t know about you, but isn’t February 2nd a bit early to predict the end of winter anyway?

The advent of sunshine and warmer days should lead to thoughts of caring for Mother Earth.  The Tulsa, Oklahoma area is called “Green Country,” a tribute to all the trees, bushes and flowers we all enjoy.  Several organizations, like the Arbor Day Foundation, encourage planting trees to replace the ones removed to make way for “progress.”  One of the best ways to show respect for our planet is to add a solar system to your home or business.  A solar hot water system, considered the most viable solar application for most families, would save 7,200 pounds of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and other greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere and is the equivalent of planting one acre of trees.  If you’ve already invested in solar, you can visualize all those trees surrounding your home, making the air and our planet a better place for everyone.

Earth Day is April 22. Why not do something special for yourself, the earth and generations to come by investing in a solar energy system?   Solar is clean, non-polluting, and uses free energy from the sun.  To encourage you to hop on by our showroom in Tulsa for a free quote, you will receive a free gift.  Find out how you can be kind to the earth, own your own utility company and get a tax credit in your Easter basket, courtesy of the Federal government.

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