Why You Must Install Solar

Right now is the best time to install solar on your home or building. Why? Technology, efficiency advances and much lower prices. Prices are lower but waiting has some risks. Below are reasons you must install solar now.

 1. Increased efficiency, production and lower cost: Solar panels are being produced cheaper than ever. The cost of a solar panel has fallen from more than $6 to $2.00 a watt. Prices today are less than half of what they were in 2008 and 2009. Solar Power users pay less over time and you own your power.

This chart shows how much your electricity rates increased from July of 2012 to July of 2013.

Residential Cents per kilowatt hour July 2013 July 2012
Oklahoma 9.80 9.05
Arkansas 9.94 9.62
Texas 11.42 10.93
Missouri 12.48 11.23 

2. Solar Power is Cheaper than Grid Power: Grid power is expected to increase a minimum of 3% per year. That means in 25 years your electric rate will be $0.21 per kWh. The cost of solar energy spread over 25 years is $0.16 per kWh BEFORE any federal or state incentives.

 3. Become Your Own Utility have Energy Price Stability:  Utility companies are under constant pressure to make more money. They can’t add new services; they can only make and send you energy and raise their rates. Installing solar power is the only way a homeowner can lock-in their electric rate for the next 40 years, inflation free.  When you install solar power on your home or business, you know how much electricity your system will produce annually. As energy prices skyrocket all around you, you can forecast energy prices for the years to come.  And with net metering, you can actually make money.

4. Be Energy Independent:  Most electricity in the United States is produced by coal. Solar Power is the only energy source made by Americans that isn’t affected by events in other countries.

 5. Dependability: Solar power has no moving parts. The warranty for power produced from the panels is 25 years. The inverter warranty is 15-25 years, but is expected to last longer. 

6. Earn Income: You can get a credit on your electric bill for over producing more solar than you use. This is completely separate from your energy savings. 

7. Solar Employs Americans: The US solar industry employs 120,000 people directly and another 9 million people indirectly. This recently surpassed the coal industry which employs 90,000 people directly and 1 Million in-directly. 

8. Solar Cannot Be Controlled by Government Agencies or Large Corporations: Once you install a solar electric system, the cost of energy from that system cannot be increased by government taxes, or corporate surcharges. You have protected your energy future from outside interference.

9. Incentives and tax breaks: The solar federal tax credit takes 30% off the total cost of your system.

10. Solar is Clean: Most Americans don’t like waste. We like efficiency, and we like getting things done, making things. We prefer a clean, efficient, and effective source of power over something that is wasteful, dirty and inefficient. Solar power produces energy every day without making any noise, without any smell, and without wasting power in transmission. It’s the ultimate American form of power.

11. Increase Building Value:  Whether it’s a home or business, solar installations increase a building’s value.CNN Money reported in 2006 that zeroing out a home’s electric bill with a solar installation could increase the value of a home by up to $20,000. This might be as much as you first paid for your system, but when considering how much you saved in electricity bills while using the solar system and how much it added value to your home at sales time, it’s a sound investment. And the DOE in its publication, A Homebuilder’s Guide to Going Solar says that “Solar homes sell at up to twice the rate of their conventional counterparts”.

12. Energy Reliability :  When you choose to install a solar power system with a battery backup,  solar provides absolute electric reliability, no more blackouts or brownouts when the grid fails. By installing a solar power system you have reliable, predictable power, no matter what happens.


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