New World Gym Goes Green

ROGERS, ARKANSAS –Charlton Development Company (Real Estate Owners) and Rhett and Tanya Gardner (World Gym Operators) are honored to be associated with the first commercial solar pool heating system in NW Arkansas. “We want to thank Sun City Solar Energy for deploying solar technology on our new facility”. “Buying green power was a small part of our construction costs and will pay for itself many times over,” stated Mike Charlton.

The Garners are also looking forward to reduced energy costs, as they are familiar with the high costs of utilities on their three other World Gyms in the area.

The Charlton’s believe solar energy is the way of the future. That is why they contacted Sun City Solar Energy to design and install solar hot water and solar pool heating on their World Gym development. “We are proud to do our part towards renewable energy and encourage other businesses to do the same,” said John Charlton, president of Charlton Development. Charlton plans to incorporate solar energy in future development projects as well.

Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from solar and help move our country toward energy independence. The Charlton’s understand the significance of energy and how important it is for America to invest in alternative sources. The Federal Tax Rebate of 30% plus the 5-year accelerated depreciation was another reason the company invested in solar.

The Commercial Solar Hot Water System will provide approximately 55% of the hot water needs for the gym’s showers and laundry. Both solar applications will eliminate approximately 40 tons of carbon emissions per year from the environment. The solar applications include twenty one solar pool panels and twelve hot water collectors.

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