Oklahoma Governor Fallin SB1456

Oklahoma Governor Fallin SB1456 Executive Order Supports Solar

Excerpts from Executive Order Governor Fallin signed on April 21,2014:

All executive entities shall support all forms of energy, including both traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, as outlined and mandated by the Oklahoma First Energy Plan. This plan promotes wind and solar as  important forms of clean energy which have a significant place in Oklahoma power generation. An essential element of this plan is distributed generation. Senate Bill 1456 must be construed in a manner consistent with the Oklahoma First energy Plan. 

Currently approximately 350 Oklahoma individuals and businesses rely on distributed generation produced by small wind turbines and solar power generators. While these customers will not be affected by this bill, this number will grow significantly in the future. This is an exciting development and one this bill encourages.

This bill requires the Corporation Commission to conduct a transparent evaluation of distributed generation consistent with the Oklahoma First Energy Plan. The intent of this bill is to protect all Oklahoma customers and encourage all forms of Oklahoma energy use.

Further, this evaluation mandates inclusion of all stakeholders, including representatives of the solar and wind industries and utilities. Prior to implementation of any fixed charges, this bill allows the commission to consider the use of all available alternatives, including other rate forms such as increased time of use rates, minimum bills and demand charges. A proper and required examination of these and other rate forms will ensure that Oklahoma appropriately implements the Oklahoma First Energy Plan while protecting future distributed generation customers.

Signed by Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

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