Commercial Solar Power

The sky’s the limit with a commercial solar power system

A commercial solar power system reduces your operating costs and boosts your bottom line.  Commercial  solar power systems  increase the value of your business, increase your market share and enhance your image. Call or Request a Commercial Solar power Consultation and see how commercial solar can cut your costs.

Sun City’s Commercial Solar power Systems are time-tested and field proven. Tougher regulations, increasing operational costs and higher customer expectations are causing companies to adopt sustainable business practices.

  • sun city solar power commercial Eureka Pizza, Arkansas
    Sun City Solar Eureka Pizza, Fayetteville

         Receive 30% off your total commercial solar power investment with the Federal solar tax rebate.  Plus, reduce your total investment with the highly accelerated 5 year depreciation schedule available for solar.

From planning, engineering and construction and connection to the grid, our commercial process includes: Site analysis, Project feasibility analysis, Design, Project management, Project permitting, Utility interconnection application and Rebate assistance.

As Solar specialists since 1983, we ensure you the best return on your investment.  Call or Request a Commercial Solar power system Consultation and put your roof to work. Let us show you what commercial solar can do for you.