Solar Heating

Affordable renewable solar heating for your home

A solar heating system can be air, water,  or a combination of both.  Hydronic radiant floor heating uses the sun’s energy to provide heat to your water and your home. Using water to heat your home instead of air achieves thermal comfort for your home; heat and moisture at a rate that maintains a stable normal body temperature.

Active Solar Space Heating is a liquid based system that heats water and/or food grade glycol in the collector.  The system collects and absorbs solar radiation and then transfers the solar heat directly to your home. These systems usually provide solar hot water and typically 30% to 70% of residential heating. Active solar space heating systems require more sophisticated design and installation techniques. Sun City has extensive experience with these type of customized systems.

Solar Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating with Solar Hot Water uses the sun’s energy to provide heat and hot water for your home or business.  Hydronic heating is the most comfortable form of heating because it is slow, gentle and steady. The temperature is the same in energy room  with no hot or cold spots. Sun City’s systems can provide anywhere from 50-75% of your heat and 80-90% of your hot water.  A photovoltaic (PV)  panel can be used to power the pump, producing a self-powered and self-controlled system.

Solar Air Space Heating
Solar-powered, self-contained supplemental daytime solar heating makes “going solar” easier than ever. Imagine warmth from the sun providing natural comfort. Solar heating helps keep you energy independent and off the power grid. Sun City’s air system is powered by Solar Power and provides the following benefits:

  • Heats even during a power outage.
  • Self-powered – runs free all day.
  • Attractive design and modular so you can add more panels later.
  • Pays for itself several times over by  lowering your heating costs.
  • Thermostatically controlled.
  • Lasts 30+ years.

Sun City offers roof mount or direct vent solar air heating. The amount of heat produced is based on the volume of air passing through the solar collectors and the degree of sunshine. This system is self-powered and does not require electricity. A Solar Heater from Sun City will help lock in your utility costs.  Comfort and warmth from the sun are just a phone call away.

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