Solar Hot Water

Free solar hot water from the sun

Sun City’s solar hot water heating systems last well over twenty years and cut your bill up to 90%.  With Sun City’s Solar Powered Hot Water System, you are guaranteed hot water during a power outage.  Call your local office for a Free Solar Hot Water Quote to Find Out How Much You Can  Save.

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Solar hot water heaters have been used over 100 years. SunEarth has been manufacturing solar collectors for 30 years. With our 30 years of installation and service experience and over 2,000 installations, you are guaranteed a winning team.

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Sun City Solar Hot Water System

SunEarth’s collectors are on the White House.

Research shows that approximately 25% of your utility bill is for water heating.  Heating water is a daily expense due to showers, dishwashers and laundry.

Conventional water heaters store 40-50 gallons of 120 degree water. Energy is wasted even when you are not using hot water because the water is constantly heated in the tank between 120 to 180 degrees. Solar hot water storage is typically 80-120 gallons allowing you to have an abundance of free hot water. Solar hot water is maintained at 170 degrees and uses a mixing valve to lower the temperature before use.

Requirements for Solar Hot Water Heating Systems: 30 square ft. of collector for each 40 gallons of water.

Did you know the return on investment for a Solar Hot Water Heating System is approximately 5 years and keeps 7,200 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air each year?

shw diagram 150x150 Solar Hot Water Freeze Proof Solar Hot Water  System – Sun City Energy’s  system is designed to be virtually maintenance free and freeze proof. Freeze protection is assured due to food grade glycol in the collector(s),  piping and pump. Your corrosive potable water never flows through the collector or the pump, eliminating corrosion or scale buildup from hard water. Our Solar Hot Water Systems operate year round are reliable and proven with thousands of installations worldwide.


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