Solar Pool Heater

Warm solar pool water heated without the cost

Do you rarely use your pool because it’s  to cold? Now you can experience the pleasure of swimming in a warm pool temperature controlled by you. You can  relax, have pool parties, and exercise longer; the very reason you invested in a pool. Contact us for your Solar Pool Heater Quote and double your swim season!

Sun City Solar Pool Heater
Sun City Solar Pool Heater Install

Sun City’s solar pool heater is fully automated. Just set your desired pool temperature on the solar controller and when the sun shines, your pool is warmed.

 Realize the full advantages of your pool investment by adding a Sun City solar pool heater today:

  • Proven Dependability – Panels last two to three times the life of a gas or electric pool heater or heat pump
  • Absolute Affordability – Pay back in as little as two years
  • Simple Operation – Highly reliable and usually maintenance free
  • Longer Roof Life – Allows your roof to breathe under the panels
  • Decreased A/C Bills – Panels absorb radiant heat; attic is cooler
  • Cool Your Pool at Night – During hot summer months, you can run your pool pump at night using the solar panels in reverse to cool your pool

 Sun City’s Solar Pool Heating System is American Made with a limited lifetime warranty surviving. Panels surviving 23 years in the grueling Arizona sun.  The entire panel is made of thermally welded heat extruded plastic, NOT molded plastic. Plus, Sun City uses only stainless steel mounting hardware.

sun City Solar pool heater
Sun City Solar Pool Heater

Maximize your pool investment with the most efficient solar-powered pool heater of exceptional quality that has been heating pools around the world for more than 30 years.

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Double Your Swim Season!