Solar Power Systems

Solar Power up to the Sun and Save

Dramatically reduce your electric bill,  watch your meter spin backwards, get a credit on your electric bill and enjoy Solar Power during  a Power Outage.   Get your  Solar Power Analysis now and see how much you can save.

Sun City Solar offers custom design, financing, installation, maintenance and repair and lifetime system performance monitoring.  Whether it’s SolarEdge, Enphase microinverters or string inverters, we carry all types of solar power equipment and have the knowledge and experience to power your home or business.

Your Solar Power Choices: Grid-Tie or Grid-Tie with Battery Back-Up and Off Grid. Quality is in everything we do.

 Grid-Tie with Net Metering –  Stay connected to the grid and receive a credit on your bill when you over produce power.  With Net Metering, you trade power with your utility company. During the day, surplus energy from your Solar Power System is fed back to the utility company generating a credit on your bill. The more electricity produced, the more you earn and save.

It’s Easy to see when our Solar Power kicked in, we went from 52kW to 8!

The Sohls, one of our many satisfied customers, stated,”Thank you very much.  Joni and I love our system.  We wish we’d have had more panels installed while you were here.  Between added insulation and solar panels our electric and gas bills together are less than our cell phone bill.” 

Grid-Tie With Battery Back Up– Need power during a power outage? With Battery Back Up, you will continue to be tied to the grid have Net Metering, and when the power goes out, your Solar System switches to Back-Up Batteries powered by the sun. Never be without power again.

 Off Grid– Are you the independent type? If so, this system is for you. No utility bills to pay. Enjoy living independent and self-sustained. Your home is powered by the Sun during the day and powered by Batteries during the night.

What Solar Panel is Right for You? Whether it’s American made and/or German Engineered, Sun City Solar has the right solar panel for you.  We have access to hundreds of solar panels. Solar Panels last practically forever. Warranties are 25-3o years, guaranteed to produce a minimum of 80% of their original power.

Monitoring Your System Performance– Today’s systems have monitoring devices to put you in control of your power. See what EACH panel is producing hourly, daily, monthly and yearly plus system alerts.

Advantages of  Solar Power:  Energy Independence, Security of having a consistent power source, Security from  price fluctuations,  Proven reliable and durable, Adds value to your home,  Expandable,  Puts you in control of your energy costs, Increases the value of your home or business.

From planning, design, construction and to the grid, Sun City Solar puts more power in your project. Get your  Solar Power Analysis now and Let your power company be the sun.