Are you one of the millions of people starting a diet and exercise program in 2010?  You might want to consider putting your budget on a diet and trim your energy costs, too.  Looking back on 2009, if you were one of the savvy investors that decided to put solar on your home or business, you are well on your way to trimming your budget and fattening your savings. And, like a big chunk of dark chocolate, the government will give you an unlimited 30% tax rebate this year to sweeten the deal.  Your solar investment is like an exercise program that keeps on giving all year long.  What a great reward for contributing to your energy independence and a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.

When you subtract the initial cost and add up the benefits, installing a solar system was one of the best decisions you made last year.  Think of the health benefits to your budget and the planet if you had the forethought to install a solar energy system five, ten, or even twenty years ago.  Think of all the extra money you would have for food, clothing, mortgage payment, vacations, college, – whatever you need to ensure a long and healthy life.  And investing in solar will only get better because. . .

Yes, Virginia, the New Year started with yet another rate hike from the local utility in Oklahoma. If Santa came down the chimney, he probably ate all the cookies because he needs to store energy for the long winters at the North Pole. Those of us that depend on gas and electricity for our heating and cooling don’t have the same luxury. We don’t get free “cookies.”  Some of us may even toss our cookies when we get our utility bills after the blizzard of 2009.

If you haven’t received a rate increase where you live, chances are, there is one in the works.  When you invest in a solar system, you own your own utility company.  Money you will pay to the utility company will be applied to a power system that uses free, non-polluting energy from the sun. All those utility rate hikes continue to enhance the value of your solar energy investment.

Sun City Solar has been helping people in the Midwest and Mid South with solar energy applications since 1983. If you want to become a lean, mean energy consumption fighting machine, call one of the solar consultants at Sun City Solar. The professionals are well-versed in the technology, market trends and are ready, willing and able to answer your questions. Our solar experts will identify the best system under the sun to fit your needs. Stop by one of our showrooms today and learn how you, too, can be a part of the solution. Call 918-494-0886 today, and become energy fit for the future.

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