What is Solar Battery Back-Up Power?

Back-up power allows you to continue using certain (or all) appliances when utility provided electricity is not available.

If a storm knocks out your power or you simply want to disconnect from the grid, a back-up power system with a bank of batteries can be kept charged with solar panels OR BY THE GRID WHEN IT IS OPERATING and can supply power for a limited amount of time, depending on how many batteries you have and your battery charging method.

Here are your choices in order of complexity and cost:

1) Install an Emergency Battery-Based Back-Up System which can be kept charged by the grid when the grid is on line. This system will provide power until the batteries are depleted.

2) Install a battery-based backup system which can be kept charged with either  your utility provider, a generator or solar panels. This can work in a home or business that has grid power or in an off-grid situation where there is no grid power.

3) If you already have a Solar Power Grid-Tie system, you can install a battery-based back-up system which can be kept charged with the grid, when grid electricity is available or with your grid-tie system’s solar panels even when the grid is down. This can be planned at the time of purchase of your grid-tie system, or it can be added later.

Sun City Solar Power Battery Back Up Installation Little Rock, Arkansas

 When planning your back-up power system, the back-up power must be sent to a sub-panel that is not directly connected to your main AC service panel.

During a power outage, power will be supplied only to the backed up sub-panel, not to the main panel. This requires that you relocate specific circuits that you wish to have powered when the grid is down, to the new sub-panel. This is best accomplished by a solar company with licensed electricians.

The reason for this is twofold. First, if you were to send the “AC out” from the back-up system to your main panel, you would be back feeding a “down” grid. This is illegal and dangerous. Secondly, when the grid is “up”, power will be flowing, unregulated, back through the “AC out” connection on the back-up system. This means the state of charge on the battery bank is not regulated and the batteries will be overcharged and ruined.

When the grid is “up”, power will flow from the main panel through the battery back-up system to power the loads / circuits in the sub-panel. This power is limited by the power transfer capability of the inverter.  Sun City Solars’ technicians can help find the products that are right for you. For pricing and product information give us a call at 918-494-0886. We’ll also answer any questions you might have .


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