Solar Energy – Fact or Fad?

With the new administration, it seems renewable energy like wind, solar and biofuels are all the rage. Many of you may remember the energy crisis of the mid eighties, when energy efficient cars were crucial if you wanted to avoid hours waiting to fill your gas tank. Solar energy had state and federal support, and it seemed most people were committed to energy conservation. But when oil became plentiful, inflation decreased and energy prices stabilized, tax credits disappeared – and Americans went back to their old ways. Gas guzzling SUVs became popular, houses became bigger and most people quickly forgot the days when the bill for heating and cooling their home was nearly as high as their mortgage payment.

Do we now have the will as Americans to make the changes needed to become energy independent? Solar is a clean, inexhaustible source of energy that can easily be incorporated into our national conscious.

What does Solar Energy Say to You?

There are still those who look at solar applications and think they detract from the architecture of their home or neighborhood. But solar panels look like sky lights, and to some are like shiny diamonds on the roof. They take the light energy from the sun and make it into something useful. There are thousands of solar customers like George Jeong of Oklahoma City.

solar_power_joengs2The Jeong family is saving 60% on their utility bills, and could not be happier. The solar panels on their roof are not only putting money back in their pockets everyday, but they have a sense of pride knowing they are part of the move towards energy independence.

Beauty is Not Just “Skin Deep”

Next time you see a solar application, stop and think about the beauty in all of the positive elements that are shining down upon us. Solar is helping us become cleaner, greener and free from dependence on foreign oil.

Don’t be fooled by low energy prices. The utilities continue to ask for rate hikes, and the days of cheap energy are a thing of the past. Visit your local Sun City dealer today, and help yourself and our country to a brighter energy future.

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