Solar Grid Tie Battery Backup Converted to Off Grid

Fifty solar panels make this Ranch in Oklahoma energy independent. While this Sun City Solar  project began as a Solar Grid-Tie with Battery Backup, the customer decided Solar Off-Grid was the way to go.

This solar system runs the Ranch home as well as a 1,200 square foot underground shelter with kitchen, bathroom and more.



Solar panels are installed on the barn and the home with 11.5 KWh of power, six charge controllers,  four inverters and 36 AGM Rolls batteries.

In addition to this system, this Sun City Solar Energy repeat customer has installed solar on two other homes.  Both homes boast Grid-Tie with Battery- backup and PV Powered Solar Hot Water.

PV Powered Solar Hot Water will be installed on this Ranch as well.

When you are ready to be energy independent, give Sun City Solar a call and never have an electric bill again!


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