Solar Hot Water Saves Big!

One of the most effective and efficient steps you can take toward saving energy is to install a Solar Hot Water System . Solar Hot Water systems have been around for nearly 100 years, and there are proven applications in use all over the world. It is one of the best methods available for long term use of the sun’s energy.

When people think of Solar Energy, they usually visualize the solar panels on satellite systems or on the space station. However, photovoltaic or electricity from the sun is a relatively new use of solar energy. Hot water systems are more efficient than solar power systems because solar hot water uses the heat produced by the sun, whereas photovoltaic energy must convert the sun’s light energy into electric power. And fewer solar panels are required to use the sun’s energy for hot water than are needed to convert energy into electricity.

Many people are surprised to learn that water heating accounts for a large share of a home’s energy use. The main uses of energy in the home are usually heating and cooling .

Two 4-feet by 8-feet solar panels can deliver enough energy to heat about 80 to 90 percent of the water used by a family of four. A residential solar hot water system pays for itself in approximately 5-7 years. Commercial applications can be even more cost effective.

With the new Federal Tax Credit, homeowners can get 30 percent of their investment in the form of a tax rebate for installing a solar hot water system .  When you decide to stop renting your utilities, contact and learn how to own your own utility company. Now is the time to invest in solar and help yourself and America move towards a sustainable energy future .

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