Solar is Hot

The world has become so dependent on fossil fuels that no modern culture could survive without the limitless number of consumer goods that are made from fossil fuels.  Everything from fuel for automobiles, airlines, the trucking industry; products for businesses, hospitals and other institutions;  household goods, space exploration, agriculture, fishing, clothing, science and industry all depend on fossil fuels.  These products increase our dependence on foreign goods.

When Americans take advantage of the tax credits available for investing in solar energy, an increase in the conversion to a renewable energy source makes a difference to our planet.  There is no easy or short answer to energy.   If every household in the US installed a solar hot water heater, a solar electric power system, or a solar pool heater on their home, there would be a significant decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air.  Add the cumulative effect of using solar over the coming decades to replace the pollution generated by coal fired power plants, and there would be a phenomenal reduction of green house gases.

There are consequences if we ignore what is happening to our planet.  The spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a sad example.  Americans as a whole enjoy one of the best standards of living in the world.  We take for granted the comforts afforded by our high standard of living. Many people do not see a problem with our current energy use and are not concerned about the state of the environment.  Those that are concerned feel they can do little to improve the quality of our air, land and water.  At what point should we, as inhabitants of the planet, make an effort to allow our progeny to enjoy a quality of life that does not include the increase of environmentally induced disease, destruction of our natural habitats, extinction of species, rampant overproduction of invasive species, contaminated food and polluted water? 

If you look at the global picture, it can seem overwhelming, and the prospect for change seems slim.  But you CAN make a real difference.  You can invest in a solar water heater, a solar electric system, a solar pool heater, even a solar electric attic fan.  All of these things make a difference to your community, your state, our country and to the planet as a whole. Thoughtful consumerism and changes to our lifestyles can make a difference.  Investing in clean solar energy will make a difference.

If we all do our part, we will be able to maintain our lifestyle and allow the natural world to thrive.  Visit  to learn how you can save money and help our future generations by owning a Sun City Solar  Energy System.

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