Solar Panel Site Location

How to Select a Good location for your Solar Panels

Before installing a solar panel system, you should consider the following three factors:
1. Orientation
2. Tilt
3. Shading

Will your solar system be facing South, West or East? In Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, the best design is due south and critical if you are heating with electricity. If your roof faces southeast or southwest you will only lose about 5-10% of south facing production. However, this is not that critical if you are heating your home with gas or propane and not electricity. West is equally as good as South during summer air conditioning.

Image result for solar summer winter solstice images

The “tilt” of your solar array is the angle between your solar modules and the ground. Solar modules at a 0 degree tilt would be flat while a module at 90 degrees would be straight up and down. Since the sun’s path changes throughout the year,as you can see with the two diagrams,  your panels will produce the most electricity when hit directly by the sun’s rays. A solar panel in our region performs best at 50 degrees in the winter and 10 degrees in the summer. So the compromise on a fixed roof is 29-31 degrees.


Solar Array Tilt Angles Seasonal




It is important that your solar site be completely free of shade from trees, chimneys, pipes and surrounding buildings. It is also important to consider the growth of your trees.
Shading issues can be somewhat mitigated by the use of microinverters. However, you may want to consider a ground mount system depending on how great your shading issues are.

In our next Sun City Solar Energy blog, we will discuss the importance of amp service and the amount of amps you can safely back feed into the grid without causing a fire. Our team of solar professionals can determine all of these factors for you so you can sit back, relax, watch your meter spin backwards and know that your solar system is properly installed to it’s peak performance.

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