Solar Power Components

The efficiency and quality of a solar power system¬† are measured by the efficiency and quality of each individual component of the system. An accurate choice of components, especially the modules and inverters is of fundamental importance for your solar power system to operate at it’s optimum performance.

A Photovoltaic solar power system must be able to function efficiently for 25-30 years in all weather conditions and under the hot summer sun.

Grounding Hardware

What is commonly called in the Photovoltaic¬† industry “BOS” (Balance of System), i.e. the “rest of the system” (rails, grounding, surge protection, wire, cables, etc.), plays a very important role in ensuring that you and your home or building are properly protected and have adequate power production for many years to come.

From an economic viewpoint, it is even more important for each individual component of a solar power system to be chosen on the basis of the warranties provided by the product and its manufacturer than for a normal electric system. Why? Because the operating specifications of each device must remain unchanged throughout the entire life cycle of your system and investment.

Sun City Solar Energy is dedicated to providing reliable products from the direct current (DC) side through to the Alternate Current grid connected point. In fact, the solar panel we suggest, after careful research, has a 30 year unprecedented warranty!

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