Solar Power Interest Growing

In South Tulsa, a group met to plan some bold moves. They’re learning more about solar power in an attempt to free themselves of skyrocketing utility bills.

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description=”Solar Power Interest Growing”

Sun City Energy of Tulsa believes solar power is the future. They share their message with interested homeowners.

“We’re very passionate about helping America become energy independent. And we think that every home should own a portion of their own utility,” said General Manager of Sun City Solar Energy, Deanna Christ.

“I want to make sure that I’m doing what I need to be doing for the environment. Plus, I got hit with a couple of $400 gas bills over the winter and that was just for hot water,” said Christella Chavez, who is interested in solar power.

America is now being gripped by the high energy costs Europe has been facing for years, but has been slow in changing.

“8% of the country is on solar power, whereas Germany, which has the same amount of sunlight as the state of Michigan, is 55%,” said Christ.

But, for more and more Green Country homeowners, becoming your own utility company is looking more and more attractive.

One Response to Solar Power Interest Growing

  1. This is a great business for Tulsa. This has beena round for years, but no one ever does anything unless there is a crisis. The public needs more information about renewable energy options.