Solar Power Provides Electric Credit

Solar Power Provides Electric Credit

Would you like to have a credit on your electric bill instead of a balance due? Solar power is now more affordable than ever and  provides relief from the high summer electric bills we are all used to paying no matter how much they are.  Why continue to send  checks to your electric company when today you have a cost effective alternative. Plus, you have a home improvement which adds to your appraisal  and your home is more marketable with low or zero bills. Here is what our customer just wrote us; This could be you!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 8:50 AM
Subject: My First $0 Empire Electric Bill

Sun City Solar,

Just a brief note to let you know I received my Empire Electric Bill for
March. It was $0 with -271 credits! Sure we have natural gas central heating
so that helps, but I have been monitoring our electric use and knew it was
likely to be very good, but this just confirms it.

Two weeks ago Empire sent an employee out to read our meters and look
everything over. My wife Debra spoke with him and he said they just wanted
to check the accuracy of the new meters and he then left.

A zero Electric bill is quite a rush. I know soon with air conditioning
season approaching things will be different, but still…

Again thanks to you and your crew and I look forward to having fun
monitoring my Sun City Solar Energy installed system.


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