Sun City Solar and Tulsa Tech Form Partnership

Tulsa Tech and Sun City Solar Teach On The Job Solar Electric to Students

The Tulsa Technology Center and Sun City Solar Energy have formed a work-based program for the Technology Center’s electrical students. Master Electrician Larry Batson from Tulsa Technology and Installation Manager Garret Roth of Sun City Solar Energy will teach students how to install solar electric systems on actual solar installation projects.  The program will allow students to work in a hands-on environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn solar electrical concepts for several different solar electric system applications.

The Solar Installation program will provide needed job skills for the students and serve as a resource for the growing solar energy industry. The students will be evaluated on a regular basis by Sun City Solar professionals to ensure compliance with industry standards.  The program was developed by Tulsa Technology and Sun City Solar Energy jointly.

For more information about this program, contact:

Garret Roth, Installation Manager, Sun City Solar Energy at 918-494-0886

Larry Batson, Master Electrician and teacher at Tulsa Technology Center 918-955-0047

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