Who Makes the World’s Most Efficient String Inverters?

Germany holds 7 of the top 10 most efficient inverters in the World. Not surprising as Germany holds the top spot for photovoltaic installations with 7.74  GW’s (see graph below).  Second place goes to Italy with  3.74 GW’s installed. Below are the top ten inverters and their efficiency ratings:

  1. Steca                      98.6%
  2. Sunways               97.8%
  3. Fronius                 97.7%
  4. Diehl Ako             97.7%
  5. Voltwerk              97.7%
  6. SolarEdge             97.6%
  7. Mastervolt           97.5%
  8. Mirsibushi            97.5%
  9. Solutronic             97.4%
  10. Fefu                          97.4%

(This information was compiled from product data sheets).

The solar inverter market leader in terms of market share, SMA, is positioned just under the best ten companies. The difference in the claimed maximum efficiency between Steca and SMA is 1.6% .  In actual  applications, the energy losses through inverters should be considered over the 10-15 years’ lifetime and efficiency in real-life conditions.

2010 Global Markets

Source: Solarbuzz Marketbuzz 2010

*Market size definition based on PV systems installed and/or delivered to site.

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